Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Where are you riding to?" vs "What do you do?"

by:  Rocky Marks

Back in 1998 I remember taking a sociology class. One of the things we talked about or statuses, hierarchies if you will.

Today status is common forms of jobs where you are in management where you aren't in management and many people judge you based on what it is you do or do not do for a living.

For motorcyclists that's different though, the traditional what do you do for living turns into where are you going or perhaps what do you ride? The what do you ride doesn't necessarily indicate a status is simply a question to get the conversation started between two people that have a common bond on the road.

It's been my experience that most of the time people learn what other people do once they are gathered around a dinner table and start talking about work family and children. After that is still does not change the makeup of the crowd

I shouldn't say I should say does not take up the dynamic makeup of I should say that it does not change the dynamic makeup of the group

I've been on rides with the unemployed disabled the hourly workers the minimum-wage workers salaried employees middle-management upper management CEOs CFOs and Supreme Court justices. And you know what they are all the same.

They are riders. Whether it is you're around seasonal or just a few times a month they are riders and they enjoy the fellowship on the road the investment they have between their legs and the camaraderie that they share with other riders

I'd rather not get into the question of what is a real rider.  Usually those debates are started by those that are insecure about their own status as a rider.

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